Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1.7 - Dealing with a frozen computer (2 pts)

  • Watch or read tutorial
  • Sign your name by posting a comment stating you watched the video

1.6 - Burning CDs and DVDs (5 pts)

  • Watch tutorial on the difference between data cds, music cds, data dvds, and video dvds.
  • Watch tutorial on how to burn a data cd
  • Watch tutorial on how to burn a music cd
  • Watch tutorial on how to rip a song from a cd
  • Watch tutorial on how to burn data and video dvds
  • Create a data CD or DVD of important files from your computer
  • Create a mixed music CD
  • Create an instruction list for creating either a data or music CD or DVD then upload it to this drop box.

1.5 - Wireless vs Ethernet (5 pts)

  • Watch video tutorial explaining how to connect to a wireless network
  • Find a place that has wifi and connect to the internet with your laptop
  • Post a comment to this blog describing your wifi experience. Where did you connect and did you run into any problems?

1.4 - Hooking up a Periphials (3 pts)

  • Watch video about hooking up peripherals and what different ports are for.
  • Identify these ports on your computer.
  • Identify all peripheral devices you have and locate the ports you would use them in.
  • Test them all to see if they work.
  • Take quiz

1.3 - File Formats (5 pts)

  • Watch file format video
  • Install cute pdf
  • Create a beginning the school year newsletter to parents using Publisher
  • Use Cute pdf to save it as a pdf file
  • Open the file in Acrobat Reader
  • Use Zamzar or Media Convert to convert it to a .doc file
  • Put both the pdf file and the doc file in the drop box.

1.2 - Backing Up Your Files (5pts)

  • Video or article about why it is important to back up your data
  • Backing up data on a flash drive
  • Backing up data on an external drive
  • emailing documents
  • Create a free account online with an online storage provider
  • Post a comment reviewing the online service you chose to use to save documents online. What was good? What was bad? Would you use this service in the future?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1.1 - Understanding File Properties (5 pts)

  • Organize Files
  • Run "Disk Cleanup"
  • Run "Disk Defrag"
  • Search for missing files or types of files on your computer

Respond to the following questions by adding a comment to this post: Did you notice any improved performance after running disk cleanup or disk defrag? Do you have any questions about about any of these computer functions?